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Last Modified: 22.11.2013

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The Tasks page helps view and manage the tasks an employee is assigned to perform.

Tasks serve to streamline personal and team work. They have a range of properties to control work time and productivity, priority, roles and some others.

An employee does not require special permissions to use tasks.

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The following roles are used with tasks:

  • Responsible Person is an employee to whom the task is assigned.
  • Author is a person who has assigned the task for the employee (e.g. a head of department).
  • Participant is a person to whom the same task has been assigned. Tasks may be assigned to multiple employees, e.g. to a whole department.
  • Observer is a person who is to be notified of the task progress but not directly related to it, e.g. a head of another department who, due to an established workflow, needs to be informed of what is going on in other department(s).

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