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  • Exporting Tasks To Microsoft Outlook

  • Exporting Tasks To Microsoft Outlook

    Attention! Outlook 2007 is required for full integration.

    To set up duplex integration between the portal tasks and the Microsoft Outlook tasks:

    • Click Export To Outlook:

    • Microsoft Outlook will be launched and show the following message box:

    • Click Yes to contiue, or Advanced ... to invoke the folder settings dialog box:

    • Enter the folder name and description and click OK.

      The tasks will be added to Microsoft Outlook:

    Whenever you add a new task to Microsoft Outlook, it will be automatically mirrored on the portal.

    To add a task in Microsoft Outlook:

    • Select New > Task:

    • Fill in all the fields: Assigned To..., Subject, Start date, Due date and description.

      Attention! Specify the portal user e-mail address in the Assigned To field. For better convenience, you can import contacts to the Microsoft Outlook address book and select a responsible person here in this field from the address book.
    • Click Save & Close.

    The task will appear in the task list in Microsoft Outlook and on the portal.

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