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Categories were introduced as one of the ways to classify the wiki pages. A category can have multiple nested child categories.

Categories can be created in the wiki page editor by clicking Specify Category. The wiki engine shows the wiki page categories after the wiki page text body. The Categories link itself is always visible even if a page is not attributed to any category. This link opens a list of available categories.

Each category has a corresponding wiki page. If no such page exists, it is shown as a red link, just like other non-existing wiki pages. To create a wiki page for such category, click the red link and then click the create it now link in the page text (rather than the Create button on the context toolbar).

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To specify a parent category for a current one, click Specify category in the category page editor.

Unlinking A Category

Unlike many can think when they first see the categories editor, the categories page specify the parent categories of a certain category rather than children entities.

If the category hierarchy is incorrect or just needs adjustment, you have to unlink the categories and then define new dependencies.

To remove a parent category binding, open the categories page for editing and delete the text [[Category:_category_name_]]:


Tags are used to search wiki pages using the conventional search functions.

Note: Tags are unavailable in the social network wikis.

You can add tags to a wiki page in the page editor. For reference purposes, the tag selector shows the count of existing wiki pages that are marked with a certain tag.

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