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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

The advanced XML export techniques implemented in Bitrix Site Manager allows to transfer information block properties and images in addition to simple text information. This feature is available in all the editions.

To export data of any information block to XML format, open the Export to XML form (Content > Information Blocks > Export > XML).

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Here, select the data to be exported, and set the export parameters.

  • Destination File: specifies the file to which the XML data will be written. Click the Open button to bring up the file dialog to select the destination file in the site structure;
  • Information Block: select the information block whose contents is to be exported;
  • Step Duration: export might take a long time if the selected information block holds huge amount of data. In such case, export may fail if your server imposes restriction on the script execution time. Setting the step duration to a value other than zero instructs the export engine to run in small steps. The default value of 30 seconds usually works best. If you set the step time to zero, all the information will be exported at one step.

Click Export. The export procedure will start showing the operation progress. Once the operation is completed, the system will inform you of the status:

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