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Last Modified: 24.06.2015

The Search module supports morphological search. It means that the search algorithm considers all grammar forms of words when creating the search index and searching for the requested phrases.

For example, when indexing the word child, the system adds both child and children to the index. Similar rule applies to verbs: for bring, the system adds bringing, brought etc. Consequently, if a visitor searches for a phrase "children bring", the system will display all results containing child, children, bring, bringing, brought etc.

To enable morphological search, mark the corresponding option in the Search module settings. Then, re-index the site entirely:

Note: The morphological search algorithm splits sentences into words using the common delimiters (space, full stop, comma etc.) At the same time, there are symbols which are not letters but may be parts of words: for example, dash (-). To prevent the morphology algorithm from unwanted splitting, specify symbols that the analyser must treat as constituents of words (in the Symbols that are not used as word delimiters field).

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