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Each lesson in a training course can have a set of questions covering subjects explained in a lesson. There are two types of questions: common questions and self-check questions. You can choose the question type in the question settings. Examination tests are based on questions that you create for lessons.

Self-check tests are created automatically and include questions whose option Self check is active.

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However, the final examination test requires that you instruct the system how to pick out questions for inclusion in the test. You can do that in the test creation form.

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You can create a question by doing one of the following:

  • by clicking + in the Questions column of an appropriate lesson;
  • by clicking the New question button on the context bar of a form with lesson questions;
  • by clicking the New question button on the form with a list of all questions (Services -> e-Learning -> Courses -> <course> -> Questions).

When creating a question, you have to choose the type:

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  • single choice: a question implies that only one answer is correct;
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  • multiple choice: a question implies that a user can select one or more answers.
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Creating a question

You can enter the question text on the Question tab:

If you want to include the question in the self check test that will be suggested to students after studying the lesson, enable the option Self check.

Now click the Answers tab and specify possible answers to the question.

Important! Remember to mark the correct answer (or answers - for multiple choice questions).

You can open the Description tab to enter the question details and upload an image that will be displayed in the question area. After you click Save, the question will be added to the question lists of both the lesson and the course.

Using tests

You can create and manage tests in the Tests form (Services -> e-Learning -> Courses -> <course> -> Tests):

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To create a new test, click Add test.

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  • Questions are added to the test depending on the options specified in the Include in test field (1*).
  • By default, self-check questions are not added to the test. To include them, mark the corresponding option (3*).
  • You can limit the time given a student to pass the test, and the number of attempts (4*).
  • You can set the test to calculate results automatically. This means that the system will display the test result and add a record to the log (the gradebook). To enable automatic test control, enable the corresponding option and specify the percentage of questions required to pass the test (5*).

All the examination attempts are recorded in the Attempts form (Services -> e-Learning -> Attempts):

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Examination results are displayed in the Grade book form (Services -> e-Learning-> Grade book):

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If a test is not automatic, the grade book will display only the scores.

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