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Last Modified: 23.06.2015

A course is the well-organized and logically complete set of web pages giving information on a definite subject. A common practice is to conduct an examination at the end of the course in order to test students’ knowledge.

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A common course includes:

  • Chapters – logically complete parts of a course. Each chapter can include nested chapters or sections;
  • Lessons – form the course content. Lessons can belong to chapters or a course (i.e. without binding to a particular chapter). Each lesson is represented by a single web page.
  • Lessons can end up in a series of questions. Some of these questions can be used in self-check tests. Users can hold self-check tests to verify their knowledge.
  • In the end of a course, separate questions can be joined up in a final test, where questions of self-check tests can be discarded.

    The Attempts journal stores information about all tests hold by users. The journal records show test scores, success and failure ratio etc.

    The test results are stored in the Gradebook. A result is a record holding testing score for a user. The result reflects the most successful test attempt.

    Tests can be automated using simple administrator-defined criteria. Automatic tests instantly show the results upon holding the exam.

Web courses created using the e-Learning module can be exported to an external file for uploading to other sites/intranets powered by Bitrix products. The module offers special tools to import and export courses.

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