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A blog is an internet diary that enables users to publish short comments structured in (reverse) chronological order. Authors can express their ideas instantly for other people to read; tell on the current events etc.

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A blog's author can not only add new entries to a journal but also receive comments from other visitors about the messages. Armed with this feature, the author can offer subjects to be discussed by other visitors; exchange opinions about thoughts etc.

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Nowadays, blogs become more and more popular among people because they can freely exchange opinions and ideas, no matter where they live.

Bitrix Site Manager contains a dedicated Blogs module to enable people create and maintain their journals. With this module, you can create a feature-rich blogging section on your site:

  • create an unlimited number of blogs;
  • manage permissions of users to access blogs and perform various operations:
    • create blogs;
    • administrate and moderate blogs;
    • read other blogs;
    • add new messages;
    • add comment to messages;
  • customize icons and smileys for use in blog messages;
  • pre-process smileys and tags in messages and comments;
  • create message drafts;
  • display and use journal calendars;
  • export blogs to RSS;
  • use Trackbacks;
  • group (tag) messages by subject;
  • create tree-view comments;
  • add images to messages.


The fundamental principle of the blogging system is that a single user (i.e. a visitor that have a unique valid combination of a login and a password) can have only one blog.

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