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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

You can use the Commercial Catalog module functions to export and import the contents of information blocks configured to act as catalogs.

The system comes with the following export profiles preconfigured:

  • Froogle;
  • Yandex;
  • Yandex-simple;
  • CSV;
  • CSV (new).

The following import formats are available:

  • CommerceML MySql Fast;
  • CommerceML;
  • CSV (new).
Import/Export CSV(new) - this format is available for the Commercial Catalog module version is 4.0.5 or higher. It allows export and import quantity-based prices, and also removes restrictions on the number of merged tables containing product descriptions. What is more, this new format allows specifying currencies for exchanging prices.

Frequently used export and import parameters can be saved as profiles. You can always call the previously saved profile to perform the operation again.

You can add links to frequently used export and import profiles to the Control Panel menu, for faster access...

...or remove it from the menu.

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