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The Commercial Catalog module functions on top of the Information Blocks module and provides the following features:

  • use information block functions and resources to create commercial catalogs of products, services and digital content;
  • manage prices, discounts and mark-ups;
  • sell products, services and digital content in the web shop;
  • sell access permissions to resources;
  • export and import information about goods, orders, sales in the Froogle, Yandex and CSV formats (the latter can be easily configured at the export time);
  • save export and import profiles for later use.
Important! A commercial catalog is created by applying special settings to a Product Catalog. Product catalogs are essentially information blocks, that is why the Information Blocks module is required for the Commercial Catalog module to function.

The following notions are used with the commercial catalog.

  • Price types. Examples of price types are wholesale, retail and exclusive prices. The system is able to display only those price types for which a certain user group has permission.

    You can manage price types in the Price types form:

    e-Store -> Commercial Catalog -> Price types:

  • Mark-ups: the sum added to the base price paid for a product. The mark-up value is specified as percentage of the base price.

    You can manage mark-ups in the Price adjustment form:

    e-Store -> Commercial Catalog -> Price adjustment

    Note: the system has a special base price type from which other price types can be derived. For example:

    Retail price = Base price + Mark-up

    It is common to permit the site administrator only to view base prices.
  • Discounts and coupons: deduction made from the normal cost or purchase price. Can be defined as relative (percent) or absolute values.
    Note: a coupon is a sort of discount. A distinctive feature of a coupon is the unique code assigned to it, unlike a discount which do not have any specific code. To use a coupon, a customer has to enter the coupon code.

    You can manage discounts in the Discounts and coupons form

    e-Store -> Commercial Catalog -> Discounts:

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    There is a special page for coupons:

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    Note: Currencies in which prices and price adjustments are nominated, can be managed in the Currency module (Settings -> Currency).

To make an information block act as a commercial catalog, you have to enable the option Is commercial catalog of the required blocks in the Commercial Catalog module settings

Settings -> System settings -> Module settings -> select Commercial Catalog in the drop-down list:

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If you plan to use your information block(s) for selling digital content, enable the Content selling options for these blocks.

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Once an information block is converted to a commercial catalog, its elements become products. This adds a special area titled Commercial Catalog to an information block element editing form:

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Here you can configure and set:

  • different price types;
  • conditions that will cause different price types to be applied depending on the quantity;
  • quantity and weight of a product unit;
  • discounts and mark-ups.

Catalog used to sell content also offer the Groups tab:

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Here you can select a user group to which a visitor, who purchased the subscription for the paid content, will be added. If the subscription is time limited, you can specify the required duration in the Active period field. When the period expires, the subscriber will be removed from the user group.

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