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To learn how to create a section in which we can add and publish news, we shall examine an example of creating the Company News site section. To achieve the goal, we are going to do the following:

  • create the News information block type;
  • create the Company News information block;
  • design and set up the Discounts and offers information block section;
  • add elements (news) to the information block.
  1. First, we have to create a new information block type to which the Company News information block will relate. For example, create the type News (click Content -> Information blocks -> Information block types, click Add new type on the context toolbar).

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    Since we plan to create sections in the Company News information block, enable the Use tree view to classify section elements option.

  2. Next, create the new information block of the News type, and name it Company news (Content -> News, click Add information block on the context toolbar).

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  3. Now create the Discounts and offers section in the Company news information block (Content -> News -> Company News, click Add subsection on the context toolbar).

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    Following the operations performed, the following structure will be added to the Content part of the Control Panel menu will have:

  4. Now we can start enriching the created information block section with the required information.
    • Open the list of information blocks of the News type (Content -> News);

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      Click the action menu icon of the Company news information block. In the action menu, select the News item. This will open a form containing the information block elements.

    • In the information block element form, click Add element on the context toolbar.

    • Fill the form fields with the news contents, and provide other information.

      Since we want to add the news to the Discounts and offers section, open the Groups tab and select the section name in the list.

      However, if you want to add an element not binding it to a particular group, choose Upper level in the list.

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