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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Bitrix Site Manager stipulates that you control access permissions at the user group level. This means that each site visitor (or user) is a member of one or more user groups each having its own access permissions.

The concept of access permissions enables you to:

  • control access to the site resources (pages, sections, forums ets.);
  • set up for the site content editing teamwork;
  • allow third parties to perform unassisted actions (e.g. publish advertisement);
  • create mailing lists for dispatch to user group members.

Upon registration, a user obtains the personal credentials (login and password), and becomes a member of one or more user groups.

If you enable the self-registration option, users are added to a default user group that is selected in the Kernel module settings. The administrator can change the user registration later.

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Users can register themselves in the standard registration form that you can place anywhere on the site:

If a user is a member of more than user group, the maximum of permissions of user groups takes effect.

Assume that a user is a member of the following two user groups:
  • Site editors;
  • Partners.

Members of the Site editors user group are permitted to edit site pages; however, they cannot access the partner section.

Members of the Partners user group can view pages of the public section, as well as view the partner section.

A user who is a member on these two user groups gets the following permissions:

  • edit all the site pages, except for those of the partner section;
  • view pages of the partner section.

A user has to authorise in the system (using the authorisation form) to gain access to the site according to permissions of their user group:

Upon authorisation, the user will see the administration toolbar containing the site management commands, at the top of the screen:

The set of available commands depends on permissions of the user group whose member the user is. For example, the administration toolbar will not be shown to users who can only view public section pages. The site administrator enjoys the full set of commands.

Bitrix Site Manager implements the two-tiered access permission distribution policy:

Tier 1: access to files and sections;
Tier 2: access to the system modules and operations on modules.

These access levels are independent and are managed using the appropriate system tools.

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