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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

A site is collection of files (pages) with information, sections and other files that are linked together.

A site section is a directory (folder) in the server file system containing files related to a given section (pages, images, include areas).

A distinctive feature of Bitrix Site Manager is the multisite support which allows to create more than one site using a single copy (license) of the product (the license terms stipulate that all sites must share a single installation of the system kernel and database). Each site can have its private domain name, design, interface language and content.

Technically, the following two multisiting configuration modes are available.

Method 1. The first mode presumes the use of a single Apache web server. Each site resides in a separate subdirectory of the common directory, for example:
  • /home/www/allsites/s1/
  • /home/www/allsites/s2/
Method 2. Each site runs on a separate Apache web server instance (or a separate virtual server). This method requires that you make special adjustments to both web server and the installed software.

You will find the detailed explanation of the configuration modes in the help section.

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