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Last Modified: 10.10.2012

Modern business stepped over beyond offices and stores a long time ago. We can even assert that it has gone out of the window, and it is not to be considered an overestimation; for million of users, who are your potential customers, spend their time on searching products and services in the Internet by studying proposals in browser windows. Expand your business, offer your products and services - you can do it is very easily with Bitrix Site Manager!

Bitrix Site Manager will help you create your web shop to sell products and services right on the site. The e-Store module includes the following sections:

  • shopping cart to which visitors can add products and services;
  • ordering procedure;
  • customer personal section where customers can review the ordered products and services, and manage their profile;
  • administration section (Control Panel) for setting parameters and managing customers' orders.

In this chapter you will learn the fundamentals of an e-store that can be created using Bitrix Site Manager. We shall place high emphasis on the web shop administration, configurable settings and preferences; and will touch upon using a web shop in the public section.

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