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Last Modified: 16.09.2014
CBPActivity Abstract basic class of all activities.
CBPCompositeActivity Abstract basic class of composite activities, i.e. activities which may contain subordinate activities inside.
CBPCodeActivity Launches an arbitrary PHP code for execution.
CBPSetVariableActivity Establishes values of business process variables.
CBPDelayActivity Implements a delay, postponing execution for a certain term.
CBPHandleExternalEventActivity Implements an activity which expects an external event. Business process is suspended pending such external event.
CBPEventDrivenActivity Serves as a container for activities in which the execution depends on an event.
CBPIfElseActivity Implements a condition functionality.
CBPIfElseBranchActivity Implements a condition thread functionality.
CBPWhileActivity Implements a cycle functionality.
CBPListenActivity Implements a wait on one of several possible events. When one of the events occurs, the others stop waiting on events and get cancelled.
CBPParallelActivity Launches a set of subordinate activities in parallel.
CBPSequenceActivity Launches a set of subordinate activities sequentially.
CBPSequentialWorkflowActivity Represents a business process which executes activities sequentially (a sequential business process).
CBPSetStateActivity Establishes a status in a business process with statuses.
CBPStateActivity Represents a status in a business process with statuses.
CBPStateMachineWorkflowActivity Represents a business process with statuses.

Any activity is inherited from the basic activity class or one of its descendants.

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