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Very often the question arises whether additional licenses for websites must be acquired if the project requires that the contents be represented in different languages.

Multiple site and language versions of the site are different terms although sometimes they are interconnected. If necessary, language versions can be implemented both as separate language folders (sections) within one site, or as separate sites.

In this case, first you should analyze as to what information, exactly, must be written in different languages and what actions with site objects are to be performed.

Different Language Folders

If site functionality is limited to static pages, news blocks, and a catalog, one of the directories can be used as a language version of the site.

The option with language versions in the form of different language folders permits creating any number of site versions, but it has its own limitations. When choosing this option, the following problems will arise: analysis of visit statistics separately by language sections; separation of currencies for different languages; with rights to orders created in different language sections; flexible positioning of ads or web forms on the site.


Creation of language versions of sites as separate language folders requires good knowledge of the system and high level programming skills which are needed to correctly identify the language version of the project needed to the user. That is why we recommend that language versions be implemented precisely as a multiple site, i.e. in the form of a separate site in a different language.

Note: Different site templates can be installed for different sections on the website. A separate code page can be set up for each template. Thus, a different design can be used to display each language section.

In this case in order to set up different templates for different folders select the condition type for displaying the template “For file or folder” and indicate the condition itself – the name of the folder. E.g.: /lt/

Language Versions as Separate Sites

If the site functionality requires separate support of the E-store, advertisement, statistics, and different currencies, the language versions should be created as separate websites.


The use of different sites provides for more flexible opportunities in terms of settings: data format for news display etc. can be indicated additionally. In case of separate sites statistics analysis, currency management, and delimitation of access to E-store orders can be performed efficiently.

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