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Last Modified: 15.09.2014

The Bitrix Site manager system permits creating several websites using one copy (license) of the product by placing the kernel and the system database in a single copy on the server.

The number of sites in the system is determined by the license agreement and the license for additional sites. If additional sites must be created in addition to the current maximum quantity, licenses for additional sites should be acquired.

According to the license agreement, one copy of the product permits creating two sites. This means that both sites will use a shared program kernel and a shared database.

Important: According to the license agreement, independent sites physically located on different servers with a separate product kernel copy and/or a separate database cannot be created using one copy of the product.

Additional sites

For each product copy, you can additionally purchase an unlimited number of sites. The price for the extra sites depends on the product edition.

Obtaining licenses for additional sites means that you are given special site coupons (one coupon for one extra license). Additional licenses (and coupons, correspondingly) depend on the product edition. For example, to create an extra site using the Expert MySQL edition, you have to obtain the license (coupon) for an extra site for the Expert MySQL edition.

Once the coupon is received, you have to go to the tab Activate coupon on the home page of the update system (Control Panel > Marketplace > Platform Update). Type the coupon received in the field Enter the coupon code and click the button Activate coupon.

If the coupon is valid and conforms your product edition and has not been used before, one more site will be added to the maximum number of sites allowed by the current product copy.

For more information about the extra site termsand pricing, visit the Bitrix company site:

Unlimited license

The unlimited license allows to create an unlimited number of sites running on the shared system core using the common database.

The use of such license can be profitable for the companies having many subsidiaries or branches, each of which is supposed to have an individual web site.

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