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Last Modified: 22.09.2014

Bitrix Framework offers the possibility to create and support an unlimited number of websites based on a single product copy. The standard product package includes a license for two websites. You have to acquire additional licenses for the required number of websites in order to create additional websites.

Within the system, a website is a totality of the following:

  • Database account. It is created in the Administrative Section (Control Panel > Settings > System settings > Websites > Websites) and comprises the following main parameters:
    • ID - a set of symbols identifying the website;
    • Domain - one or several domain names of the website;
    • Site folder - a path to the catalog where the public part of the website will be stored;
    • Website name;
    • Server URL (without http://) - default domain name (e.g.,;
    • Default Email address;
    • DocumentRoot. If multiple sites are implemented using different domains, this parameter must store the path to the website root in the server’s file system;
    • Regional settings, including:
      • Date format;
      • Date-time format;
      • First day of the week;
      • Name format;
      • Encoding;
      • Text orientation.
    • Template. Each site may have more than one template to display its public part; each such template can be connected according to a specific condition.
  • Public part - a set of pages located in the "site folder" and belonging to this website.
  • Settings - each system module may have a number of settings connected with website.
    E.g., for the module Information Blocks these settings represent a binding of the information block to a certain website, and for the Helpdesk module – a binding of a status, query category, etc. to a website.

Important! In the public part, the ID of the current website is stored in the constant SITE_ID.

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