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Last Modified: 15.09.2014
Gadget – is a special software component that is used in order to display specific data.

For more information about existing gadgets, their setup and controls, please refer to the manual Personal Dashboard and Gadgets

The Personal Dashboard (desktop) is used to display the gadgets. This one-page component permits the creation of a customizable desktop that uses gadgets. Gadgets are installed with the kernel module of the system. Developers can create own gadgets. The component will see them if they are located in the folder /bitrix/gadgets/. System gadgets are located in the subfolder/bitrix/.

Attention! Customization of system gadgets is strongly discouraged.

Gadget Structure

  • .description.php - description file;
  • .parameters.php - file with settings;
  • the file index.php contains an executable code which implements the gadget’s task;
  • language files in the folder /lang/.

Gadgets and components have a similar structure and purpose, however:

  • Gadgets do not use templates. HTML code is embedded in the file index.php, unlike the components where the representation and logic are separated.
  • Gadgets can “remember” settings for each user, unlike components which are only capable of displaying or not displaying information depending on the access rights.
  • Gadget settings are divided into 2 groups: general settings, for gadgets of the same type (e.g., for all News gadgets within one Desktop) and also settings of each specific gadget. General settings are set in the Desktop component. Individual settings are set in the context menu of each specific gadget.

In terms of mobility, gadgets are superior to components and are a very interesting tool both for developers and website users.

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