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Last Modified: 12.09.2014

When creating own projects, it may become necessary to create new buttons on the Control Panel. Buttons can be added to the Control Panel as follows:

		"ID" => "Button ID", //Defines the uniqueness of the button
		"TEXT" => "Name of the button",
		"TYPE" => "BIG", //BIG – a big button, otherwise it will be a small button
		"MAIN_SORT" => 100, //sorting index for a group of buttons
		"SORT" => 10, //sorting inside the group
		"HREF" => "Goto URL", //or javascript:MyJSFunction())
		"ICON" => "icon-class", //name of CSS class with a button icon
		"SRC" => "button icon path",
		"ALT" => "Prompt text", //old variant
		"HINT" => array( //tool type of the button
			"TITLE" => "Tool type header",
			"TEXT" => "Tool type tex" //HTML is allowed
		"HINT_MENU" => array( //Tool type for a context menu button
			"TITLE" => "Tool type header",
			"TEXT" => "Tool type text" //HTML is allowed
		"MENU" => Array(
			Array( //array of context menu options
				"TEXT" => "Name of the option",
				"TITLE" => "Option prompt",
				"SORT" => 10, //Option sorting index
				"ICON" => "", //Option icon
				"ACTION" => "Javascript code",
				"SEPARATOR" => true, //determines a separating point
				"DEFAULT" => true, //default option?
				"MENU" => Array() //submenu array
	$bReplace = false //replace the existing button with new data?

There are several options to add a button from:

  • In a component
  • On a page
  • In a website template
  • In the even OnBeforeProlog

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