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Example of the general file and folder structure of a site template:

  • The components catalogue is intended for component templates;
  • The images catalogue is intended for template images (that do not depend on the browsable page) and copied from site layout;
  • The include_areas catalogue contains the areas of a template;
  • The lang catalogue contains language communication files;
  • The page_templates catalogue is intended for templates of pages and editable areas;
  • The snippets catalogue contains snippets – small fragments of html code intended to speed up the operation of the content manager associated with creation of frequent code blocks;
  • The themes catalogue is a template theme;
  • The header.php file is a part of the template BEFORE the contents;
  • The footer.php file is a part of the template AFTER the contents;
  • The description.php file is a name and description of the template;
  • The .styles.php files contains a description of styles for the visual page editor;
  • The template_styles.css file contains template styles (styles applied in the site design template itself);
  • The styles.css file contains styles for the contents and include areas. These styles may be used in visual editor.

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