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Last Modified: 19.09.2014

Control Panel toolbar – an HTML code that may be displayed to an authorized user if such user has sufficient rights to perform the operations listed in the control panel. HTML code represents an area with buttons at the very top of the page. Each of these buttons is intended for a specific operation.

The panel is connected using the function of CMain::ShowPanel. This function applies a processing technique of deferred functions that permits you to add buttons to the panel directly in the page body.

A button may be added to the panel using the function of CMain::AddPanelButton. The same function may be used in the script /bitrix/php_interface/include/add_top_panel.php that will be automatically connected upon the invocation of the panel.

The control panel has two main modes:

  • Site - a mode for work on the site contents.
  • Control Panel - administrative section for a fully functional control of the entire Internet project.

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