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Last Modified: 28.04.2022

All JS components within Bitrix Framework (as well as php-enabled components) have an integrated localization support. BitrixVue 3 components are not an exception.

To show localization in the template, use the method $Bitrix.Loc.getMessage.

template: `
	{{ $Bitrix.Loc.getMessage('EXAMPLE_PHRASE') }}

More examples for handling localizations can be found in the article Localization class.


Such format to access localizations is sufficiently quick. However, it has specific overeheads: you need an additional 1ms during template rendering for a 1000 phrases during re-drawing (in actuality, time can be less, because not all blocks in Vue component require re-drawing).

When its significant for your app (for example, number of phrases is multi-fold larger) – use the approach with employed method BitrixVue.getFilteredPhrases. This method creates a calculated property which allows querying phrases as a static property (in contrast to $Bitrix.Loc.getMessage, where each call is processed by function).

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