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Last Modified: 30.03.2022

Introduction of objects release in the main module version 18.0.4 some ORM internal mechanisms were updated and streamlined.

  • Field names now are case-insensitive. Previously, two fields LAST_NAME and last_name could be described and these two fields would have been different fields. But now it's the same entity that cannot initialize. This update is related to named methods in Objects.
  • The fetched data cannot have an assigned same-name alias in different case, for example: getList(['select' => ['id' => 'ID']]).
  • Previously, BooleanField field received an empty string as a value, resulting in erroneous value interpretation. Now an empty string is prohibited, it can be indicated as true/false or values, specified in field configuration.

Objects do not support the following yet:

  • Fields with serialization, due to existing inconsistency: field type is indicated as StringField or TextField but actually stores an array, which contradicts to the declared type. Upcoming updates will add the new field type: ArrayField.

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