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Last Modified: 01.08.2022

Object can receive 3 statuses:

  • new, with data never before saved in the database;
  • actual, with data matching to the data stored in the database;
  • modified, with data different from the data stored in the database.

You can check object status using the public read-only property state and class constants \Bitrix\Main\ORM\Objectify\State:

use \Bitrix\Main\Test\Typography\Book;
use \Bitrix\Main\ORM\Objectify\State;

$book = new Book;
$book->setTitle('New title');

var_dump($book->state === State::RAW);


var_dump($book->state === State::ACTUAL);

$book->setTitle('Another one title');

var_dump($book->state === State::CHANGED);


var_dump($book->state === State::RAW);

// true

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