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Last Modified: 18.01.2024

Command interface is implemented based on the library symfony/console. Before using it, ensure that your have installed dependencies via composer.

Executed file is located in the folder bitrix:

$ cd bitrix
$ php bitrix.php

For convenience, create a symbolic link without php postfix:

$ chmod +x bitrix.php
$ ln -s bitrix.php bitrix
$ ./bitrix

List of commands available "out of the box":

Starting from main 24.0.0 an option is now available to add your own commands via module's {moduleName}/.settings.php file. Module commands are listed in the section console:

return [
	'console' => [
		'value' => [
			'commands' => [
		'readonly' => true,

Note: It's recommended to use module title as prefix, such as module:command.

Additional information:

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