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Last Modified: 16.09.2014

Everything that occurs in a business process is an activity. The business process proper is a composite activity which permits determining subordinate activities inside it. Each activity within a business process must have a unique name. .

Activity is a class which is inherited from the abstract class CBPActivity or its descendants. The name of the class must start from the substring CBP and may consist from Latin letters and numbers.


if (!defined("B_PROLOG_INCLUDED") || B_PROLOG_INCLUDED!==true)die();

class CBPMyActivity1
	extends CBPActivity
	. . .

Activities which cannot contain other actions inside are inherited directly from the CBPActivity class. This class determines a set of basic methods required by each activity. Some methods determined in the CBPActivity class can or must be redefined in the descendant class.

By default, the installation package contains several dozens of activities which permit creating business processes. However, sometimes it may become necessary to create your own activity.

Let us consider several examples of creating own activities.

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