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Web project is a complex product. It is different from traditional software because a website is the result of the interaction of three participants: a client, a partner, and a platform developer. Implementation quality problem occurs as a result of lack of understanding among these three parties.

The Project Quality Control tool is created to solve this problem. It permits solving the task of a transparent and flexible process of delivery of a web project to the client at the same time increasing the level of guaranteed result and reducing general risks.

Project Quality Control is a quality assurance tool to be used for a completed project before its delivery to the client.

Project Quality Control is:

  • Structured methodology to manage implementation quality;
  • System of tests for web developers, a set of recommendations for clients;
  • Consists of 26 mandatory tests and 39 optional;
  • Includes 12 automatic check.

Project Quality Control gives additional possibilities both to developers and clients:

    For developers:
  • Systematization of the testing procedure;
  • Improvement of Internet project quality using production systematization;
  • Formalization of relations with the client both at the delivery stage and at the support stage.
    For clients:
  • Risk reduction: the earlier a problem is found, the cheaper it can be removed;
  • Systematization of project acceptance and its launching into operation: the steps are defined, the details can be focused on;
  • Formalization and simplification of interaction with developer at the project support and development stage;
  • Reduction of expenses to obtain a quality result;
  • High production and safety of a web solution.

Tests are shown in the form of a tree organized according to stages of a standard implementation. However, you can run the tests in any order you want. There are mandatory and optional tests. Some tests can be automatized. Complex and routine checks are automatized.

Mandatory test has a critical importance for the quality of a web solution. It may be omitted, provided that the developer has left their comment on it. These tests are marked in black in the general list.

Optional test has no critical importance, but it is recommended for loaded, complex, and big projects. These tests are marked in gray in the general list.

Mandatory tests must be passed successfully in order to deliver a project according to the checklist. Optional tests are intended to significantly increase the quality of the solution and reduce risks.

Automatized test is a test for which the data are collected by the system. Anyway, the final decision is up to the developer. An automatized test can be re-executed.

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