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As a rule, the main purpose of using metadata is the optimization of site for search systems. Search systems use metadata for indexation of site documents.

Keyword mechanism and description of site pages and sections are good examples of product metadata management. By default, the installation package of the product includes the management of exactly these two types of metadata (similarly, the list of possible options may be extended).

Managing Metadata Values through Visual Interface

In order to have a possibility to manage metadata values, the relevant properties must be created in the settings of the Site Explorer module (Control Panel > Settings > System settings > Module settings):

Important! The names of property types used for managing page metadata must coincide with the names of meta tags in HTML. E.g., keywords and description property types must be the same as names (name) of the relevant meta tags: keywords and description.

Note: A set of properties can be set separately for each site that works under control of the system.

Attention! The values of properties set for a folder will be used by default for all pages and subsections of the relevant site section (if no proper values of these properties are set for them).

More detailed information about properties management is available in the Properties of pages and folders section.

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