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Last Modified: 17.01.2023

Here, the general information on processing techniques and principles fed into the system is provided. The course describes those of them that are most frequently used. For information about other processing techniques and principles, please refer to the documentation.

Bitrix Framework Processing Techniques:

  • Control Panel toolbar – process technique that makes site administration easier.
  • Agents – process technique that permits launch PHP functions with a preset frequency.
  • Caching – permits caching resource intensive code parts while at the same time increasing site performance.
  • Deferred functions – a processing technique that permits you to set certain page elements (header, additional points of a navigation chain, meta tags, buttons in control panel, and CSS styles) directly in a page body.
  • Event handling – processing technique that permits you to change the execution of an API function using events.
  • External authorization – processing technique that consists in using own checking algorithms and/or external databases for storing users.
  • Mail subsystem – permits to send emails using preset mail templates.
  • Transfer of visitors – a processing technique that permits to synchronize, where possible, a set of cookies for different sites that have different domain names and that belong to the same portal.

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