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Site is a set of the following:

  • Database account that is created in the administrative menu on the page Site list (Control Panel > Settings > System settings > Websites > Websites) and includes the following main parameters:
    • Identifier – a set of symbols identifying the site;
    • Domain name – one or more domain names of the site;
    • Site Folder – a path to the catalogue where the public part of the site will be stored;
    • Site language;
    • Data format;
    • Time format;
    • URL - protocol and domain name by default (for example,;
    • DocumentRoot - this parameter shall be filled in if a multi-site system is used;
    • Template connection conditions: each site may have one or more templates for displaying pages of the public part, and each such template may be connected, subject to a certain condition.
  • Public part – a set of scripts (pages) located in the site folder and belonging to this site.
  • Settings. Each module may have a number of settings connected with the site; e.g. such settings for the Information blocks module consist in binding an information block to a certain site, and for the Technical support module – in the binding of a status, category, etc. to a site.

There is the possibility to create and support an unlimited number of sites in Bitrix Framework based on a single product instance. The multi-site system has the following features:

  • Standard rights to managing site modules;
  • Standard set of users’ accounts for all sites;
  • Standard statistics system for all sites.

This function will be described in more detail in the chapter Multiple Sites


Site structure within Bitrix Framework:

  • Template determines the presentation of site to users. There are component templates and site templates.
  • Components set data retrieval.
  • Page is an element of site structure.

This chapter is dedicated to Page and Site template as elements of a structure. Components are covered in a separate chapter.

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