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Last Modified: 06.06.2024

Starting from iblock module version 19.0.0 now supports ORM when handling iblock elements.

Backward compatibility

Legacy kernel iblock module events are not supported. Standard features of other modules, based on such event calls, are no longer supported as well.

Presently, functional blocks support is not implemented:

    For API handling the elementы (Add, Edit, Delete)
  • iblock faceted index update (if used);
  • element seo-parameter update;
  • tagged cache reset;
  • access permission assignment;
  • document processing support;
  • drive space quote check for file properties;
  • product availability with SKU recalculation;
  • price recalculation for product sorting with SKU;
  • indexing by search module;
  • element operations logging.
  • automatic external code generation when creating an element.

    For API handling with sections (adding, editing, deleting).
  • automatic recalculation for LEFT_MARGIN, RIGHT_MARGIN, GLOBAL_ACTIVE, DEPTH_LEVEL field value;
  • iblock faceted index update (if used);
  • updating seo parameters for a section and child entities (subsections and elements);
  • tagged cache rest;
  • assigning access permissions to section and child entities;
  • drive space quote check for file fields;
  • indexing by search module;
  • sections property assignment;
  • section operations logging.

Attention! Listed features must be implemented independently.

List of related links:

  • REST ORM API for iblocks REST API for information blocks is available from the iblocks module version 20.5.0.

    Integration with ORM is taken as the basis for accessing the iblock data via REST. Specifically, the main concept was adopted: a single iblock is an individual ORM entity and iblock element is a record (object) of entity.

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