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Last Modified: 07.07.2020

While attempting to update, the error "Error connecting the update server: [110] Connection timed out" appears.

This error indicates that the update script cannot connect to update the server on port 80. This may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Socket functions are unavailable, particularly fsockopen();
  • Connections to port 80 are forbidden on the server;
  • Insufficient memory on the server (often occurs on VPS with virtualization OpenVZ and 256 Mb RAM);
  • Network problems.

Please contact the server administrator and provide them with the error description.

Update error [SITE_LICENSE_VIOLATION] Number of licensed site exceeded

This error indicates that either no sites were registered in the system, or all sites are deactivated, or number of active sites, permitted by the current licence has been exceeded.

Register at least a single site to solve this issue and to allow to download and install updates. You can also activate an existing пышеу from the same section or deactivate number of sites until your instance has the number of sites permitted by your current licence: Desktop > Settings > System Settings > Websites > Websites.

Update error [ERROR_WRONG_CODE]

The product update system becomes related to a specific installation and “remembers” the status of the system after the latest update. An error occurs if the current status is inconsistent with that at the time of the last update. This feature is intended to prevent the update attempts of an unlimited number of product installations using one license key.

According to the license agreement, two system installations are permitted for each license key – one public and one local (for developer) installation, the latter being inaccessible from the Internet. Accordingly, the system is set to save data about two installations. In this case, two copies may be updated independently without any problems and without the need to move a copy from a local computer to the server and back. If you have to move the product to a local computer, only one of two copies should be updated – either that on the server or the local one (at your discretion).

The same procedure should be followed when moving your site to a new server. Copy file structure and database onto a new server, and after that, without updating the product on the old server, delete it immediately after updating the DNS.

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