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Note: If the product is installed jointly with Bitrix Web Environment, this step will be skipped.

The installation wizard checks your system for minimum requirements and displays advices on how to tune your system for optimum performance.

If your system does not match minimum requirements, the problem description in red will display on the top of the screen. The detailed description of the incompatibility can be found in the page body. You cannot continue installation until you fix the problem.

Attention: In case of product installation in UTF-8 encoding the value of the mbstring.func_overload parameter must be equal to 2. Other values for this encoding are unacceptable.

In case of product installation onto the MSSQL database UTF-8 encoding may not be selected. If during product installation in UTF-8 encoding at the stage of preliminary check mbstring.func_overload and mbstring.internal_encoding parameters are shown in red, the following lines shall be added in the php.ini file located in a website root to correct this:
mbstring.func_overload = 2
mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8

Note: If hosting uses the PHP version earlier than 5.2.8, the overload parameter may be determined in the file .htaccess.

Note: Website may be installed in cp-1251 encoding, if the value of overload remained equal to 2. For this, it is sufficient to use the value cp1251 for the encoding parameter.

If your system does not match the recommended settings, you can still proceed with the installation. The installer will show the potentially incorrect settings. However, it is strongly recommended that you bring these settings into line with the recommended values. You can verify the system preferences in the Site Check form in Control Panel.

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