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Last Modified: 22.03.2021

By default, Apache is configured for default site in the catalog /var/www/html.

The main setup is required for Apache config is as follows:

  • update catalog for the site at var/www/html/bx-site;
  • update port that service listens (because nginx is used as an external service);
  • import site settings from virtual appliance.

All configuration files can be downloaded in archive . Config files for Apache are located in the folder: redhat8/httpd.

Place them in the directory /etc/httpd/.

Configure these files:

  • conf.d/default.conf – replace directory in site description to conf/httpd.conf;
  • conf/httpd.conf – replace the port to 8090 in Listen;
  • conf.modules.d – change to 00-mpm.conf.

PHP module for apache operates only with prefork process manager. Enable it.

Start the service

systemctl --now enable httpd

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