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Last Modified: 13.06.2024

Bitrix Framework hosting requirements

  • Your server has to have an adequate free disk space. A typical project involving a lot of image files requires 300 MB minimum. Remember that a typical full size photo file in JPEG format may take over 1MB on disk)

  • Common server resources should include a PHP accelerator and have to specify sufficient amount of memory for scripts. At least 128 MB available for PHP is required to run full-scale projects like online stores. This memory is used to prepare data and run code when the system prepares a requested page.

  • High load projects are strongly recommended to have a two-tier architecture. It is usually achieved by installing an intermediary web server to serve inbound requests, like NGINX. This approach will make memory consumption stable by reducing the number of simultaneous Apache processes.

  • The database server has to be fast enough to process requests in the shortest time possible.

  • PHP and FTP/SSH are recommended to run as the same user if possible. During the site development phase the developers upload, create and edit remote files using the FTP or SFTP protocol. However, the system creates and updates files on behalf of a user running the PHP instance. ПThis kind of user mismatch can cause serious issues.

  • The server needs to have free disk space three times as large as a backup file for recovery operation to succeed.

Selecting a hosting provider

Otherwise, you have to make sure the hosting service of your choice is capable to meet the following provisions:

  • The system can only be installed to the root directory.
  • Apache 1.3.0 or higher is required.
  • The hosting provider allows to use .htaccess files.
  • PHP version not lower than 7.2.0.
  • safe_mode must be disabled; the system installer will simply quit if that's the case.
  • short_open_tag is enabled.
  • memory_limit 32 MB, 64 MB or higher.
  • Sockets are enabled and allowed to use.
  • Libraries: Zlib (compression helper library), GD lib (charting), Free Type (CAPTCHA).
  • MySQL 8.0 or higher, Oracle 10g or higher or MSSQL 10.0 (2008) or higher.
  • Before installing the Oracle version, make sure the client Oracle 10g (or higher) is installed and create a new user.
  • The use of PHP accelerator (OPcache, XCache, APC, etc) is highly recommended. We suggest you use OPcache, it's included in PHP v5.5 and later.

    1. When using XCache precompiler, set xcache.cacher to Off.
    2. eAccelerator is incompatible with PHP v5.3 and higher and not supported by the Bitrix systems since Kernel version 15.0.13.

  • Running PHP as Apache module is preferred (CGI is not recommended because it doesn’t support accelerators. Use FastCGI instead).
Note: Modules suhosin or mod_security are not recommended because they may cause system malfunction.

To test your server configuration, run the script bitrix_server_test.php on the server.

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