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Last Modified: 07.07.2020

Downloading BitrixSetup script

Bitrix24 can be easily installed at a remote server by uploading the installation files via the FTP or using the BitrixSetup script. In the first case, download the commercial or trial version and unpack it at a local machine. Then, use any FTP client to upload the extracted files to the root folder of your web server. Otherwise, upload the archive to the server and extract files remotely.

However, we strongly recommend that you use the special BitrixSetup script to avoid upload errors and eliminate a frequently occurring problem of different FTP and Apache user access permissions.

BitrixSetup uploads the trial or commercial version of Bitrix Site Manager to your site directly from without the intermediate downloading step. Furthermore, the script can extract files from the installation package if you cannot access your site via SSH or third-party software.

Setup procedure

  • Download the script at
  • Click the Download button.
  • Establish an FTP connection to your server.
  • Upload the downloaded file to the root directory of your web server.
  • In your browser, type http://<your_site>/bitrixsetup.php (replace <your_site> with the real site name) and press Enter. The browser will display a BitrixSetup welcome page.

Warning: Please ensure that your web server has enough permissions to create and write files.
  • Select the appropriate version in the License key field.
    • Demo version can be installed without a license key, or with a trial key.
    • Commercial version requires that you enter the license key previously obtained from Bitrix.
  • In the Choose a package field, select the product edition whose trial version you wish to install.
  • Click Download. This will open the Downloading installation package page.

BitrixSetup will connect to the Bitrix server directly. The script will copy the installation files to the root directory of your site and unpack them if you have chosen to do so.

The Back button allows you to return to the previous section where you can alter the installation settings (e.g. product edition).

The status bar displays diagnostic messages about the current operation (e.g. downloading or extracting files). The progress bar reflects the operation flow.

After the process of loading and extraction is complete, the browser will display the Installation Wizard (e. g., for Bitrix24 Self-hosted)

Important! For security reasons, bitrixsetup.php is deleted from the root directory of your site after installation procedure is complete.

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