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Last Modified: 03.06.2014

IIS 7.0, a new web publication service, comes as a part of Microsoft Windows Server 2008. The key difference of this version, as far as work with Bitrix Framework is concerned, is the use of FastCGI, a request queue, and also the abandonment of nginx. Installation and setup of Bitrix, Inc. products on servers with Windows OS has become much simpler.

There are no significant differences in the installation of the Bitrix Framework onto IIS comparing with the installation on Apache. Only a general sequence of actions changes:

Attention: Currently, the Document library (webdav) module works improperly on web servers controlled by IIS 7.x. The architecture of such web servers in its basic variant does not permit organizing the work of PHP scripts according to the WebDav protocol – the server picks up all the requests and they fail to go through to the Bitrix24 system.

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