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Last Modified: 29.10.2014

When a new object is created, the system indicates whether a similar object has already been registered, along with information concerning the data fields which match (first or last name, company name, email, and telephone number).

Aside from this pop-up, if a new object is being created by hand, and some fields are skipped in the interest of quickly entering the data, the system will show a list of potential duplicates when the new object is saved.

If a suggested match is indeed a duplicate, then quick editing of the existing object can be performed by clicking on it.

If a sales agent enters data that matches an object to which he or she does not have access, the system will still show some basic information from the object and provide a link to the manager responsible for the existing object, so that a discussion about work with the given client can be initiated.

If you are sure that the match(es) is not a duplicate, then you can ignore the suggestion and save the object.

Checking for duplicates lets you avoid creating multiple records of single clients and saves time of sales agents, as well as solution the problem of data spread out over multiple CRM records.

If needed, you can deactivate the duplicate detection system under CRM -> Settings -> Other settings – in the Duplicate control tab.

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