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Last Modified: 21.11.2013

The Company Structure page visually demonstrates the hierarchy of the company’s offices and departments:

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After inviting users to your Bitrix24 intranet, you can create a view of your company structure by creating departments and sub-departments and assigning department heads and users. Creating a company structure is not required, but if your company has a large number of employees and a deep departmental hierarchy, it will be convenient for users to orient themselves using this visual representation of the company.

Another advantage gained from the visual representation of the company is that several objects in the intranet, such as the Activity Stream, tasks, and calendar events allow the options to share with or send to members of a selected department.

  • Open the Company > Company Structure page.
  • Click the Add department button.
  • Specify the department name, a parent department, and the department supervisor in the form.
  • Save the department by clicking on the Edit button.
  • A new department will be added to the structure.
  • To add new employees to the department, go to the user profile and select the appropriate departments. Once an employee is added to the visual structure, their avatar can be dragged and dropped to any other location in the structure.

The company structure is represented visually, meaning that each time a new department or a new employee profile is added (or removed), the company structure changes accordingly.

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