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Last Modified: 30.08.2013

On the CRM –> Settings page, there are some items which affect invoices. You can configure the geographic areas for taxes (locations), tax rates, payment methods, invoice statuses, etc. here.

As always in the Bitrix24 CRM, all the default values can be changed, and new ones can be added.

Invoice statuses

Invoice statuses are created and modified in a section of Selection Lists.


The currency in which the invoice is set is indicated in the CRM -> Settings -> Currencies section, it is named the Default invoicing currency.

Taxes and locations

When you are generating an invoice, you can include taxes which are set up in the: CRM -> Settings -> Taxes:

Note: when you first open the page with the list of taxes, you will be offered to create or upload locations (regions) which influence the tax obligations on transaction (in-state, out-of-state, for example). Follow the instructions.

The Bitrix24 CRM supports two types of taxes:

  • Location-dependent tax (sales tax). This tax is applied to the total order amount. The tax rate depends on the customer location.
  • Item-dependent tax (VAT): This tax is specified and applied to each item individually.

To choose between these, click Settings in the context panel and the following popup will appear:

Note: The system can only employ one of these tax regimes.

When using the first option (location-dependent), a field will appear in the invoice creation form asking for the location. The appropriate tax will then be applied.

Note: location-dependent tax rates, which are assigned to each location listed, can be created only after a location tax is entered and saved in the system.

When using an item-based tax (like VAT), a tax rate is assigned to each individual product in the creation/modification form of that product:

Payment options and company details

Currently the system does not support any payment systems except bank transfers. For this, there are special handlers vary according to the languages supported by Bitrix24.

There are 2 options for bank transfers, depending on whether the object on which the invoice is based is a Contact or a Company in the CRM.

Depending on the recipient of the invoice, different payment methods will be available in the invoice creation form.

In the payment method form, you can indicate the contact or company details (your company as the supplier of goods or services), a logo or stamp, the name of the director or financial officer and their signature as an image file. This information will be visible in the pdf version of the invoice.

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