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The calendars the intranet users create and use can be exported to multiple formats and devices.

  • Export to MS Outlook
  • Export to iCal
  • Connecting calendars to mobile devices
  • You will find the calendar export controls just below your favorite calendars:

    Export to MS Outlook

    Attention! Outlook 2007 or better is required for fully functional integration.

    You have to export the calendars from Bitrix24 before you can synchronize events of these calendars with the MS Outlook calendars.

    • Open the page containing the event calendar to be exported. Open the calendar's action menu and select Connect to Outlook:

      Otherwise, you can just select the required calendar in the Outlook connection form:

      This will start MS Outlook showing the following message box:

    • Click Yes to connect the calendar, or Advanced... if your calendar or system needs more configuration options:
    • Enter the folder name (which is in essence the calendar name) and the description. Click OK.
    • Once you have finished configuring the connection, the calendar will appear in MS Outlook showing the events on the calendar grid:

    • Export other calendars you want to show in MS Outlook. If you choose to display multiple calendars on a single grid, the MS Outlook calendar will just like the intranet calendars:

    Whenever a new event is added to the MS Outlook calendar, this event will automatically show up in the intranet calendar. Consider the following example.

    • Choose the day for an event and double-click the day on the calendar grid in MS Outlook. The new event form will open:
    • Fill in the fields: Subject, Start time, End time, Description.
    • Note: you can provide information in the Location field, however it will not reflect in the intranet events.

    • Click Save and Close.

    As you can see, the new event is now visible in the MS Outlook calendar:

    Once the event has been added to MS Outlook, the system will synchronize it with the intranet calendar. You can view the synchronization progress in the MS Outlook status bar:

    The portal calendar will display this event as soon as synchronization has finished.

    You can manage your events in MS Outlook as easily as you would do that in the portal calendar.

    In MS Outlook, double-click the event you want to modify. Edit the event parameters in the event edit window and then click Save and Close.

    To delete an event in MS Outlook, simply select the required event and choose Delete in the menu.

    Any action you perform on an event will automatically run synchronization so both calendars in MS Outlook and in the portal are intact.

    To turn off calendar synchronization (between Bitrix24 and Outlook), the connection needs to be turned off in Outlook. Open the Calendar section of Outlook, right-click the name of the calendar and choose Delete from the drop-down options:

    After confirming deletion, synchronization will be turned off.

    Export to iCal

    The Export to iCal menu item is only available if you have enabled export in the calendar parameters (see the Enable calendar export option).

    To export the calendars:

    • Select Export to iCal for the required calendar.
    • In the message box, cope the link to the Clipboard:
    • Run MS Outlook and open Tools > Account Settings....
    • Click the Internet Calendars tab and click New....
    • Paste the calendar link you have previously copied:
    • Click Add. The Subscription Options dialog box will open, set the Folder Name and Description for the calendar being imported.
    • Save changes. The calendar is now connected.

    Connecting Calendars to Mobile Devices

    Bitrix24 supports CalDav protocol to connect the intranet calendars to mobile devices.

    Open the mobile connection menu and select the calendar you want to connect:

    Now, thoroughly read the instructions:

    • Apple Devices: iPhone, iPad

        To add the selected calendar to your Apple device:

      • Click Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts.

      • Click Add Account.
      • Select Other > Add CalDAV Account.
      • Specify your Bitrix24 domain as server (https://intranet). Use your e-mail and password.

        Note: New Apple devices will take it from here and connect on their own. For older versions, specify the link (see 4 in the connection instructions) in the account extra parameters.

      • Set the authorization method to SSL.

    • Mozilla Sunbird
      • Run Sunbird and select File > Create > Calendar.
      • Select On the Network and click Next.
      • Select CalDAV format.
      • In the Location field, enter the link (different for different users) and click Next.
      • Give your calendar a name and select a color for it.
      • Enter your user name and password.

    • Connecting Calendars to Android Devices

      Android devices don't support CalDAV out-of-box. You will have to use third-party application or services to connect calendars over CalDAV.

      To synchronize a calendar using Google services, configure your Android device first and then set the calendar for export on the intranet side.

      • On your Android device, open Settings and click the Accounts and sync tab.
      • Click Add Account.
      • Select Google Accounts.
      • Specify your e-mail address and password you use to access Google services.
      • Check the Sync Calendar box.

      Now configure your intranet calendar:

      • Select Calendar > Add > External calendar (CalDav) in the menu.
      • Follow the instructions and provide the required information:
        • the calendar name;
        • the external calendar connection URL: (this address must be the same as specified on your Android device);
        • the same e-mail address and password you specified on the Android device.

      The calendars will now synchronize automatically.

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