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Last Modified: 25.01.2013

The system can support multiple individual calendars for each of the existing event types; show them on a unified grid; save the most important calendars in Favorites for faster access.

  • Creating a Calendar
  • Connecting to External Calendars
  • Adding Calendars to Favorites
  • Managing Calendars

  • Creating a Calendar

    To create a calendar, you will click the add link in the calendars bar:

    or click the Add drop-down arrow and then select new calendar in the menu:

    Any of the two methods will show the calendar properties form. Enter the calendar name and description. You may select a distinctive color if you like:

    The Enable calendar export option, if checked, effectively allows the MS Outlook calendar to connect to this one. Select the relative age of events to be exported in the Export events list.

    Attention! Outlook 2007 or better is required for fully functional integration.

    Use the Add to favorites check box to automatically add the new calendar to your favorite calendars for easier access.

    Connecting to External Calendars

    Any external calendar can be connected as long as it supports CalDAV protocol (e.g. Google calendar).

    To connect, select external calendar (CalDav) in the menu:

    This will open the External calendar connections form:

    Specify here:

    • the calendar name as it will be seen everywhere;
    • the connection URL. For example: a Google calendar connection URL would be something like this:;
    • enter the user name and the password for connection using the URL;
    • Click Save.
    • If everything is correct, the calendar list will show the external calendar, and the event grid will show the calendar events.

    Adding Calendars to Favorites

    Add your (and other employee's) calendars to Favorites for faster access.

    To find and add calendars, click the configure link in the favorites box:

    Alternatively, start by opening the configuration menu button () and selecting the Configure favorite calendars menu item.

    The favorite calendars form will show up:

    Feel free to add any calendar to this list, even a calendar of any of the employees if you have sufficient permissions. Start typing the name, login or e-mail in the search box and then select in the list a person you are looking for. Select the required calendars in the list and click Add.

    To remove a calendar from Favorites, use the eponymous menu command:

    Managing Calendars

    Use the calendar action menu to edit and manage the calendars:

    • Edit: opens the calendar properties form which is mostly similar to the one used when creating a calendar. For an existing cal3endar, however, there are two extra elements: a Delete calendar link and the access permissions configuration tab:

    • Add to Favorites / Remove from Favorites;
    • Outlook Connection: creates a bidirectional connection to MS Outlook for event synchronization;
    • Delete: deletes the calendar.

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