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The Conversations page contains tools you will use to send messages to other intranet users, and read the posts and comments left by your colleagues:

The posts you create will be visible in Activity Stream.

  • Posts
  • Viewing the Post Details
  • Adding a Post
  • Editing a Message
  • Post Comments
  • Managing Comments
  • Polls
  • Appreciation

  • Posts

    Viewing the Post Details

    To view the post details and comments, click the post title while on the Conversations page. With untitled posts, click the date the post was added:

    Use the buttons All, My, Incoming at the top of the Conversations page to show the posts based on their disposition.

    Adding a Post

    To post to Conversations, click the first mouse button in the big text editor field titled Send:

    • To add a title to your post, click More and select Topic:

      This will make the message title input box available:

      If you don't need a title for your message, simply click the close (x) button in the field.

    • Type in the message you want to share. To add more rich formatting to your text, click More and select Visual editor.

    • To attach files to your message, click . This will make available a special area to which you can drop files directly from your computer's file manager (for example, Windows Explorer if you're using Windows):

      However, not all browsers support drag'n'drop feature. If you cannot drop anything (just like in outer space), you can click the banner text and choose a file to attach using the common file dialog.

      Once the file has been uploaded, the system will show the place that your file is currently living in: In this message. You can move the file to some other suitable habitat by clicking the file name. The folder dialog will open:

      Open the folder to which you want to move the file and click Select current folder.

      You can attach to your post any document from the library (assuming you have enough permission for a file you want to add). Simply click Select document from library, find and confirm the required file.

    • To add a hyperlink, click . The link properties dialog box will show up:

      Enter the link text as it will be visible to the readers, and the link URL.

    • To add a picture to your message, click .

    • To mention another user in your post, click .

      The marvel of mentions is that once you have published your post, the mentioned user will receive a notification enabling him or her to join the conversation immediately:

      So, repeat after me: to add a mention, click . To add a mention, click . After you finish your mantra, really click that button. This will do some magic and open the user selection dialog:

      If you have previously used this dialog box, you can choose a user from one of the recently used ones (Recent). The Employees and departments tab includes all the persons currently on the list in the company structure. Lastly, you can quick search by typing the user name in the input box.

      In the post body, the selected persons' names will show as links:

      The link text can be changed as you like. For example, you can make it sound more friendly (less formal).

      You can add as many mentions to one post as you need.

      Hint: to quickly add a mention, type @ followed by the person's name.

      The mention links are visible to anybody having enough permission to read your post.

    • To add a video to your post, click to open the Insert Video dialog box:

      Specify the video URL as shown on the figure above. Change the video window size if required.

      To insert a video that you did not upload to any public service, upload the video file to Document Library, then use the action menu command Copy Link. Paste the link in the insert video form.

    • - this button formats the selected text as a quote:

    • - this button adds tags to the post. This will help the Search module better understand the post text while adding it to the search index. Type in the tag:

      and hit Enter. The new tag will appear below the message text:

      To add another tag, click Add more. To delete an existing tag, click the close (x) button right beside the tag text.

    • To: this field can be used to restrict viewing access to the post. By default, a post is visible to all.

      Note: to prevent your post from being viewed by unauthorized persons, be sure to remove the All employees chevron by clicking the close (x) button on it. If you don't do it, your text would be seen by anybody.

      Click the Add more link to open the user selection window:

      Start typing the person's name for quick search, or select the person from the structure and confirm your selection. The person will be added to the list of recipients.

      Here's a good hint: to send a post directly to a workgroup, select one on the My Groups tab.

    Now click Send to make your contribution to Conversations.

    There's a quick and dirty way of posting a message. Do you notice the Send message text in the box right under the Activity Stream?

    Click it, type it, send it. Voila.

    Editing a Message

    You will edit your post in the same edit form as you have used when creating the former. Select Edit in the menu:

    To remove a message from this plane of existence, select Delete.

    Post Comments

    Comments added to a message can be seen in the conversations view as well as in the message details form.

    To comment on a post, click Add comment below the message text. The commenting form will appear:

    Enter your comment and click Send.

    Managing Comments

    To manage comments, use the menu that appears when you hover the mouse pointer over the down arrow:

    • Link - sets the text in your browser's address bar to the exact link to the selected comment;
    • Edit - opens the comment for editing;
    • Hide (Show) - can be used to unpublish a comment or show it back. Notice that this feature is available, and the hidden comments are visible only to power users with administrative permissions.
    • Delete. Guess what? this one deletes the current comment.


    To create a poll, click the Poll button. The post edit form will expand to unhide special controls that you will use to ask questions to feed your curiosity. There's no guarantee you'll get any feedback, though:

    All you need to do is fill in the fields: your question and the possible answers. A single post may include multiple polls.


    To bestow an award upon a user for certain deeds or feats, click the Appreciation button:

    Select the Recipient from the company structure. Pick the most appropriate medal. A single award can be sent to multiple employees.

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