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Last Modified: 13.08.2014

To create your own service, open in your web browser and use the sign-up form:

Attention! Choose your registration e-mail address carefully. Don’t use your personal e-mail because all the administrator notification messages to employees and extranet users will be seen as sent from this e-mail address.

For that reason, it is best to use (or create) a dedicated e-mail address for registration. This e-mail should never be used for private purposes because it well may be needed to pass it on to another portal administrator in future.

After clicking Start Free button, you will receive an e-mail message containing the registration confirmation link. Click it to open the registration form:

Fill in the forms and click Create. The system will verify your data and if everything is correct, create your new cloud service. Use the registration e-mail address and the password you supplied for logging in for the first time.

The portal can be displayed in different languages for different users. A user can select a preferred language before logging in.

After you have logged in the system, you will see a portal guide to help you get started. This window is only displayed when logging in for the first time and will not show up again.

Note: if are registering with the Professional tariff option, you can use an arbitrary second level domain (for example, for your Bitrix24 service.

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