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  • Task Description
  • Task Management Controls
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  • An employee can view the details of only the tasks to which he or she is affiliated. Those are the personal tasks, the tasks in which he or she participates, or the tasks assigned to an employee’s workgroup.

    To view a task, click the task name in the task list. This will open the task details form:

    The Task Description

    The task description is exactly the text the task author entered when creating the task.

    If you are the task author, the Tags field will include the add link: use it to create tags for the task. See Creating Tasks for more information on using tags.

    The Task Management Controls

    Below the task description are the controls you will use to manage the task flow:

    • - accepts the task assigned to you;

      This button is unavailable to an employee if a task was created by a supervisor. In other words, any supervisor’s tasks are auto accepted.

    • – completes the task. Use it when you have finished every activity required by the task;
    • – starts the task meaning that you are really getting down to it;
    • – rejects the task. Use it when you are not ready to fulfill the task for some reason;
    • Pause – temporarily suspends the task execution;
    • Resume - starts the task again.

    For the task creator (author), the controls are different:

    • * – accepts the task fulfilled by an employee assigned to perform it;
    • * – assigns the task again to the same employee. Use it if you are not satisfied with the results;
    • Edit - opens the task for editing in the task edit form;
    • Resume - starts the previously suspended or completed task;
    • Delete - deleted the task irreversibly.

    * - these controls are available only for tasks that were created with the option Require approval to close task checked.

    If a current task has subtasks, they will be included in the task details form:

    Below the task management controls is the Add Comment link which expands the comment editor. Use it to add your opinion or report to the task:

    The Info Pane

    On the screen right is the information pane showing the task details. The info pane has the following controls:

    Info pane

    • the Deadline link: changes the task deadline;

      Deadline can be modified by:

      • the task creator;
      • a task performer if the creator enabled the option Responsible Person Can Change Deadline.

    • the Duration link: changes the time actually spent for this task.

    For the task author, the following additional control links are available:

    Info pane view for the task author

    • change: use it to reassign the task to another employee;
    • Priority: changes the task priority level;
    • Rating: use this link to rate the task;
    • Add Participants: allows to assign the task to more employees;
    • Add Observers: use this link to specify the persons who will receive notifications about the task progress.

    The supervisors can include the task in the efficiency report:

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