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Last Modified: 15.11.2013

The working day standards can be assigned to the whole company; however, an individual employee or a department can have personal specifications. The company wide standards are deployed by the administrator (supervisor). If no specific parameters are assigned to a particular employee or department, it will use the standards specified for an entity of a higher level (department or company). In other words, the standards are inherited.

Access to the working day configuration is denied for common employees.

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Example: the department regulations stipulate the working hours from 9:00 till 06:00 PM and a hour lunch break. The simplest solution is to set Latest clock-in time to 9:00, Earliest clock-out time to 06:00 PM and Minimum duration to 8:00.

However, what if the department allows for more flexible schedule: from 8:00 till 05:00 PM or from 11:00 till 08:00 PM?

In this case, set Latest clock-in time to 11:00, Earliest clock-out time to 05:00 PM and Minimum duration to 8:00.

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