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This page shows the worktime report in the calendar like format. A common employee can view only their own worktime data (or the data of their respective department which may be allowed by the administrator). A supervising user (a head of department, for example) have full access to information on all the employees under his or her administration, and can edit the employees’ and personal time data.

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The days on which a non-standard working time occured are highlighted with an alert icon: .It means that a supervisor ought to confirm or decline the non-standard working hours. The confirmed days show the icon: .

Tracking The Non-Standard Days

Only the confirmed working days are used in the calculation of the non-standard figures. The red numbers in round brackets show the unconfirmed non-standard day count. The non-standard day percentage is a ratio of the total non-standard days to the total working days.

An employee’s working day is marked as non-standard if:

  • it started later than officially established for the employee, his or her department or the whole company – Latest clock-in time;
  • it ended earlier than officially established – Earliest clock-out time;
  • it ended before the required working day duration, accounting for breaks, is achieved - Minimum duration.
Important! A non-standard working day does not necessarily imply a violation, the former being a deviation from the working day requirements specified by the administrator (supervisor), while the latter is the abuse of corporate ethics. Whether the non-standard day is a violation is up to the employee’s supervisor to decide.

Example: Sarah needs to leave at 4:00 PM because her daughter’s nurse fell sick. She discusses the situation with her supervisor Bill and he allows her to have her work completed at home. The system will show the non-standard day; however, Bill sees no violation here.

Viewing The Daily Statistics

To view the employee’s time table data, click the corresponding cell in the Worktime Summary chart. The information card will show:

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If this is a non-standard day and it needs to be confirmed, the button will be available to the supervisor who can confirm or decline the working day, and change the times if required.

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