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Last Modified: 21.11.2013

The absence chart registers the company’s employees being out of office for whatever reason:

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Each type of absence is indicated with a unique color. The absence chart can display data in three time scales: intraday, weekly or monthly.

The monthly grid does not display intraday leaves so as not to overwhelm the chart with less relevant data.

To quickly view the leave details, hover the mouse pointer over the leave:

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Initially, the absence chart contains data for all the unavailable employees. If required, you can view the report on a certain department: select it in the drop-down list on the context toolbar.

To filter the data by the kind of leave, use the button Set Absence Types on the context toolbar:

Use the calendar navigation controls to view other days and months.

The system updates information in the absence chart automatically using data provided by the personal calendars. Alternatively, the absence chart can be corrected or replenished by a user having enough permissions.

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