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Last Modified: 22.11.2013

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Use the Calendar link to create as many calendars as you need and view the events of all of your calendars on a unified grid:

The Calendar Parameters

Click the Settings button (seen as ) to edit the calendar parameters:

  • Invitation Calendar: specifies the calendar that, once an employee (for example you) has been invited to an event and the employee accepts the invitation, will contain and show the event;
  • Highlight unconfirmed events: adds a more positive visual hint to unconfirmed events: such events will show blinking;
  • Show external connection bar: uncheck this option to hide the external sync options (Outlook and mobile devices) on the calendar main page;
  • Show events you have declined: to hide events in which you have chosen not to participate, uncheck this box;
  • Show past events in gray: shows the events in the past as "disabled".
  • Configure favorite calendars: brings up the Favorite calendars form:

    Feel free to add any calendar to this list, even a calendar of any of the employees. Start typing the name, login or e-mail in the search box and then select in the list a person you are looking for:

    Select his or her calendar in the list and click Add.

    The company wide calendars can also be added to Favorites.

  • Configure external calendars(CalDAV): connects to an external calendar for synchronization;
  • Reset personal settings: this link will revert all of the parameters to their initial values. This may be of help to those users who did something wrong to the configuration and cannot remember what exactly. Things happen, you know. A user will have to confirm the reset:

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